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First impressions

5 Jan

I have to recognize, at the beginning I was not fancying about living in Luxembourg. I mean, I did fancy about studying a master degree in philosophy and participating in an international university, but I wasn’t actually excited by the idea of living in this country.

I come from Mexico, which has 110 million people. This is a bigger population than any country in Europe (Germany has around 80 million). I was born in a city with 300,000 inhabitants (Tampico) and studied my bachelor degree in one of 3 million (Monterrey). Not to mention, just the capital city has 2o million inhabitants, one of the most populated of the world.

Then you feel that Luxembourg is small.

And not only small, it is perfect.

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Yes, Luxembourg is a country.

2 Jan from my pictures of Luxembourg City

Even though a very small country, it is a country.

If you live in Luxembourg or plan to live in Luxembourg, you might probably be confronted with questions like, “Luxembourg is on the west of Germany?” or “…is it part of France?”

No, it isn’t.

Luxembourg is located between Germany,France and Belgium.

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