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A Complete Guide of all the Cultural Offers in Luxembourg City

24 Oct

Thanks to Ms. Claudine Bechet-Metz, responsible for Jeunesse et Culture in the city’s Service Jeunesse, for this complete guide of all the cultural offers: museums, theathers, cinemas, etc.

This complete guide gives you a brief summary of the place, address, schedule, telephone, and other details of each and every cultural institution in the City of Luxembourg.

There are frequent and extraordinary cultural events in Luxembourg. This list will help you find out what options you have.

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Authors of the Winter Semester 2012-2013

10 Oct

This semester we have a new author, Marco Greselin.

He is Italian and studies a Bachelor in Economics and Management. His perspective will be quite interesting to read. I know he has experience in communication, videos, and he is very active in the student life of the University. Don’t miss out his posts!

Check out his short biography at the Authors page.

We also have an author that just finished her Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Banditta. She might just publish some posts about her graduation and other experiences at the University.

Isabelle and me will keep on posting regularly.

Check out the authors page for information about all of us!

Now, we are still looking for more authors…

If you are interested in writing, journalism, student life, social media, student associations, this is the right space for you.

We are looking for students to publish their experiences, opinions, and tips!


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How to use your student budget wisely

29 Sep

Money money money. As a student you need to take care of your budget if you don’t want to run out of money by the end of the month.

Partying, shopping, and eating at restaurants are a tempting activity and they can also be an expensive hobby. The problem is how and where you spend your money. Remember, Luxembourg is not characterized for having cheap prices.

Image courtesy of chainat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of chainat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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